The dictionary tells us that the meaning of the noun ‘amble’ is to:

walk at a slow, relaxed pace, especially for pleasure.

An appropriate definition to frame Rearrangements, rather than providing an obligatory preamble or prologue to initiate structure, especially as the very aim of Rearrangements is to rethink and provide new ways of approaching structure in how we make sense of encountering, navigating or interpreting art forms.

Or indeed rearrange how we understand structure, as well as our own practices and ways of working.

Amble, also implies a sense of wandering and journey; deviations from the norm to see things in new and unexpected ways. We want to get lost.

To borrow the vernacular of academia as a starting point, we hope to develop a practice-based research approach to develop an experimental, reflexive and multi-layered methodology that draws on elements of l’écriture féminine itself. But hopefully new languages to talk about methodology as well as narrative and encountering artistic practice.

This amble will be centred around four strands of activity:

  1. Collaborative fieldtrips to theatre, exhibitions, live-art performances, concerts and dance events to initiate critical discussion on structure, form and narrative, and how works in these artforms are asking to be ‘read’.
  2. Short semi-structured interviews with artists who experiment with form and key academics in the field to provide multiple perspectives.
  3. Reflective practice through an online platform to facilitate a fluid, creative space for us to reflect on emergent research ideas, capture the meta-narrative of the research and collaborative process as well as articulate our exchanges to a wide audience.
  4. Practice-sharing where J will share her research into alternative structures and ways of ‘reading’ work, introducing C to key texts in the field and where C will invite J into her making process on her new show All of Me, as well as sharing our own collaborative practice further with academics and creative practitioners.

To return to the definition of amble, let us not forget pleasure! In art, in journey, in collaboration, in shaking established foundations, in our selves.

And so we begin.


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