Principles of collaboration

The ethos of the Exchange Collaborative Research Award, is that we work collaboratively together in ways that are underpinned by our shared values.

The project had evolved quite organically, but it has been useful to distill our values and make sure that the sense of openness and playfulness that we value become part of the research.

Our principles of collaboration are to:

  1. Create an exploratory and playful process that can evolve iteratively to create spaces for unexpected directions, outcomes and thinking at the interface between our different visions.
  2. Share our own languages, ways of working and spend time in each other’s worlds to develop a shared language that challenges and reconceptualises how art forms create meaning, as well as offering new cross-disciplinary approaches to research.
  3. Respectfully question and challenge one another, as well as questioning our own processes to incorporate new ideas into our individual and collaborative practices.

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