Rash Dash My Sternum

Two Man Show stunned me. I felt it un-describable. I mainly shut up sat in my seat. Not because it is pretentious or weird or…no it is grounded… solid…direct – no wafting here – it is clear that it is about the patriarchy having all the words. It is clear but complex…multiple. It was so playful. It shook things. Then those things got stuck in my sternum.

I loved their cherishing of each other on stage.
It is catching. Writing this I still feel fierce.
It was all caught up in my sternum which still buzzes from the drumming and all the rest.
Near tears.
I was bemused and then also not at all by the man in the opposite audience bank who put his fingers in his ears like a child.
We watched their bodies’ naked strength.

“Are you going to do that little dance again?” Forgive me – this is only a half-remembered line. “Maybe”. “Right. Because it’s weird”.

I remembered how having laughed so hard after Shit Theatre’s Woman’s Hour and then my surprise as I cried outside.



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