Men and Girls Dance & dancing generally

Looking at how dance is built, is structured is telling me many things about all the other choices I could make when structuring my own work.

I went to see Men and Girls Dance by Fevered Sleep – it was stunning, moving, uncomfortable at times, provocative, joyful, funny, never boring, totally satisfying and complete-feeling. I know what it was about but I couldn’t tell you the story. Across an hour, the two initally separate groups – the men and the girls – gradually came together to dance via clunks and awkwardness until there was flow and ease. We then watched different groupings, dances, sequences, poems that explored the taboos and richness of these groups that do not usually interact, let alone dance.

From SarahT’s conversations about dramaturgy with Ruth Little:

“Ping pong balls, Spirals, Shell from the beach, Energy, Argument, Order, Disorder, Repetition, Nature, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Everywhere, Chaos, Simple rules, Pattern, Rearrange, Repeat.

Living organisms all function in the same way, we look for patterns and change of patterns. For example the change of pattern in our voice in conversation keeps the other participants interested.

Nothing is new! Even our dreams are a jumble of everything in our past experience.

Although I have definitely not got a deep and detailed grasp on what a dramaturg is, even brushing the surface of dramaturgy provides hours of exploration and realisation. From what I gathered in our session, the role of a dramaturg working in dance is to make sense of the movement. By looking for patterns, connections and relations to act as roots to bring work together in a greater understanding.”

Men and Girls Dance





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