Rearrangements seeks to open up a site of exchange between Caroline’s expertise as a theatre-maker who experiments with form in her work and Jacqueline’s academic specialism of l’écriture féminine that explores alternative linguistic structures, narratives and forms to create ‘other’ languages, in order to devise new ways of understanding and speaking about narrative, form and structure in artistic practice.

Drawing on key ideas in l’écriture féminine such as intertextuality, multiplicity, non-linearity and the material and tactile dimensions of language often considered as ‘other’, we will examine how such alternative languages can be read/accessed and experienced by audiences and open up possibilities for writers, theatre-makers and artists seeking alternative ways of working.

Our aim is to develop a series of interdisciplinary events to be trialed during this initial research period that include panel discussions, talks and workshops that critically engage with public and specialist audiences. It will also inform the development of Caroline’s new show All of Me and Jacqueline’s hybrid academic outputs, as well as laying the foundations for longer-term collaborative exploration.

caroline-1Caroline Horton is an award-winning theatre maker, writer and performer, whose shows include ‘You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy’ (nominated for an Olivier Award), ‘Mess’ (The Stage Award, Best Ensemble 2012), ‘Islands’ (selected for the 2015 British Council Showcase), Penelope RETOLD and Tranklements. She has also written and performed plays for Radio 4 and is an associate at Birmingham Rep and BBC Birmingham Writer in Residence. She is working on a new show, All of Me.


JacquelineDr Jacqueline Taylor is an artist, writer, researcher and Lecturer in Research Practice at the Faculty of Arts, Design & Media, Birmingham City University. Her research examines relations between visual art, poetics and philosophy with a focus on the textual concept and practice of l’écriture féminine. Jacqueline has exhibited her artwork, and presented and published her research internationally, alongside alternative hybrid academic outputs that rethink text/artwork relations.